2013 In Review

I tried winter sowing seeds for the first time. Most of the tiny green houses were put out through January and into February. Come spring, I was disappointed; our long winter made for lots of rotted seed and $$$ down the toilet. 

Micro greens! I grew many rounds of these on the window sill all winter. They were the perfect (spicy) addition to our soups and smoothies.

An eagerly awaited sign of spring. I was so excited to see these Globemaster Allium poking through the leaf pile. They were really the first bulbs I ever planted (by myself). Being impatient I uncovered them a bit too early and a late frost burnt the leaves; even so, the flower heads were spectacular. I can't wait to see if they've multiplied in 2014.

Tiny crocus planted by the previous owners of our home. They were the first flower to bloom and I had a lovely time running in and out of our side door trying to capture the photos. Sadly, these were dug up when I replaced this section of the garden with a climbing hydrangea and iris.

A harbinger spring... our Royal Star Magnolia. The fragrance, the blooms - everything about this shrub was exquisite. I plan to plant another one in our front yard. I can't wait to see if this blooms the same time as our  Prairiefire Crabapple. If so... we'll have a beautiful birthday month. :)

A 2013 favorite! Everyone who visited our gardens this year commented on the Silver Mound. It was also a favorite of Workerman's father. I'll try propagating it in 2014. I think it looks best in June and July before it develops the flower heads.

The plant that turned me rose-crazy. I won three beautiful Flower Carpet Roses. Amber was my favorite, though not as prolific as the others.

Always and forever I will grow these Teddy Bear Sunflowers somewhere in my garden. They are just the happiest plant.

Far and away my favorite month in the garden. The light, the colors, the growth - perfection! I was very proud to see my hard work finally coming together.

Dahlia season. Ahh-mazing! I can't wait to snatch up all the new dahlias when they come out in stores. I'm planning a specific bed for them in the front of our house. I also planted a lot of bulbs this month - both in pots and in-ground. Hopefully we'll have a bright and cheerful spring!

 The transition from outdoor to indoor was hard for me. I'm such an outside (sunshiny) person and November got me down. The blooming of our paper whites eased me into our long winter and put me in a holiday mood.

The saving grace of a gardener's December in Minnesota - amaryllis... and OH! Lovely Apple Blossom. I've waited too long to see it flower. I had high hopes for this bulb and I was not disappointed.

After this plant is done blooming, I plan to take a break from the indoor plant-stuffs and focus on my New Year's Resolutions, cleaning house, prepping the Spring Garden and of course, blogging.


2013, I am so happy you are gone. Thank you to all my new friends, followers and fellow gardenistas. I wish you all a bright and shiny 2014 filled with love, laughter, and flowers.


  1. Beautiful!!!! Such amazing growth and learning you have had! And your shot of your magnolia has tempted me to purchase one! What is that yellow flower in front of your Russian sage? Such an amazing combination!!!! Happy new year friend!!!

    1. Hi Nicole! The yellow plant is Achillea Schwellenberg; I like it more so than some of the other achillea varieties because it has a very lacey/silver foliage. And a very belated (yet Happy!) New Year!

  2. What a beautiful year in the garden!

  3. Great recap! can't wait to see what comes next!

  4. Beautiful Pics for a Beautiful year! Hopefully 2014 is just as good or better!

    1. Thanks, Mackenzie. I hope 2014 treats you well!





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