Preparing for Spring


Seed starting season is just a few weeks away and I have a laundry list of plants to start - vegetables, perennials, and annuals. I'll make a few greenhouse jugs for winter-sowing (despite last year's disaster), start some plants on our windowsill... and save a few seeds for the tiny cold frame I purchased last week.

There may be "PLANT SALE" in our garden this year... Grown with love, that's for sure.

What's on your seed list?


  1. So exciting isn't it!?! I have to pull out my seeds and sort but definitely zinnias, morning glory, and some veggies! I have to do a better job of hardening them off this year though ...a wonderful weekend to you! Nicole

    1. I sorted them the other day... and now have to resort them. I think my sorting issues may be on the verge of OCD. :) Can't wait to see your zinnias... maybe there are some I need to add to my collection!

  2. I am so glad I found your blog this morning.
    I look forward to reading more and I am a new follower.

    I just wrote a post on this topic!

    Enjoyed visiting,

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    1. Hi Laura! And I'm so glad you found me too! Thanks for leaving a comment, I always enjoy connecting with my readers/lookers/followers :) I try to respond to every comment, but sometimes time gets away from me and I'm tardy to the party.

      Your blog is lovely as well! I can't wait to be inspired. I'm already drooling over your Blue & White collection.

  3. I'm SO delighted to have found your scrumptious blog!

    And YES, it surely is seed sowing time... sowing herbs here & LOTS of them! Multiple varieties of Basil... & of course Heirloom at that!

    Happy Gardening... from Kentucky

    1. Pamela,

      You are the first lovely person to call my blog scrumptious, so I am sending you a big KISS and HUG from Minnesota! :)

      Basil is also on my To Start list. We eat Caprese salad by the ton here, and also make fresh (raw) pasta sauce every week in the summer.

      If ever I'm in Kentucky, I will be sure to stop by your shop! I'd love to play with the chickens; I've been asking my Mr. for a few of our own, but he shoots me down every time.





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