Other People's Plants: A Friend's Newly Planted MN Garden

Last summer Workerman built three garden obelisks for a neighborhood friend. Over the holiday, she was kind enough to send us some photos of them installed in her garden. The obelisks add an element of vertical interest in her growing garden, and I can't wait to see the progress shots this summer after her plants fill out. I really like that she chose not to paint or seal them. After a few seasons, they should weather just as beautifully as her fence.

If you didn't catch the photos of my Cedar obelisk (built by Workerman's dad - for my birthday last year), check them out in this post. :)

Keep dreaming of spring, friends! It's right around the corner...


  1. I'm dreaming I'm dreaming! He is so very talented! They are gorgeous and you are right...that vertical interest is going to be stellar against that fence! Very cool!!!





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